We provide complete and proven services to clients and associates looking for the best design in the industry, working to provide them with a magazine for print or online publication.


Each publication is custom designed, integrating your brand and your latest news. Alongside this, making it more readable, we can acquire and include editorial content worthy of the magazine and further ensuring strong readership.



Concept and Design


We can carry out the work for you to design the publication from a blank page. Every single facet designed to reflect you and your company, the products or services to be focused on. Building in your identity, your brand into its features. It's not unusual for us to present multiple design ideas to gauge your desired image and provide choices.

Everything from cover design, contents page, editorial layout style right down to page numbering style, all taken care of. All the way through to your finished publication in hand.




We can assist with creation of content promoting you. Using information about your company we can write the story and details you want portrayed.

Utilizing your images, and any library images we can provide, we will create intriguing layouts within the magazine. In recent projects we have also provided photography services to photograph a restaurant and its dishes, and even flew to the Bahamas for three days to photograph a new yacht for its editorial and a requested brochure. Whatever it takes.



Supplemental Editorial Content


With all of our magazine publications we are tasked to source editorial content to provide appropriate variety throughout, ensuring the continued interest and focus of the reader.

We can easily provide any content you wish to see in your magazine. Not only do we have access to the latest news from a large base worldwide, on numerous subjects, we can also create custom content utilizing whatever resources necessary.


Sourcing Advertisers


It is often a simple matter to acquire even a modest amount of advertising revenues for the publication, allowing it to easily become a zero cost promotional piece to you. With a first issue out, it then becomes desirable for others to advertise and take advantage of your distribution and provide you with a profitable as well as prestigious marketing medium.

We can help you on this path by creating a media kit for the magazine to provide to potential advertisers, and assist with the creation of promotions for the publication.





Getting the magazine to your current and potential clients is the first step. Utilizing the publication to market ...




Although the majority of distribution and viewing of any new publication will likely be in digital form, it is still nice to have on hand some print copies for showpieces and presentations, or for providing to high value contacts and clients.

We can provide access to resources for printing to give you high quality product from as little as one copy upwards to a large print, with four colour digital and offset printing services available to cover any needed amount.