Sovren World Magazine


The current magazine is an evolution of our original magazine. launched in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2012.


The magazine grew into multiple, subject specific publications that were then merged together after partnering it with the U.S. division of a worldwide yacht brokerage and management company.

Now in its fourth issue in this form, Sovren World celebrates the world of superyachts while combining stories and promotions of luxury lifestyle. Advertising and features include travel, jewelry, automobiles, aircraft, art, real estate, financial services and fashion.







POC Mag is designed to display the variety in social and cultural backgrounds, and celebrate the diversity within the metro Minnesota community. While focused on minority and diverse race interests the parameters were given to us to make it a publication that is also inclusive and allows knowledge to open people's eyes and minds to opportunities.

It also serves as a business and community network that allows participants to find and collaborate with each other and to communicate their presence to a wider audience of potential customers.

Is is also an eye opener for us in working with various individuals who have built contacts over various platforms in numbers far greater than typical business entities. Even the initial distribution of this magazines Premiere Issue will be enormous.





The New Energy Focus

Renewable energy, its creation and its use, is of growing interest to people. The New Energy Focus is creating a portal that puts the spotlight on the latest methods of energy creation and harvesting, and also the unique and exciting ways it is being utilized in everything from the humble flashlight through to the latest in electric aircraft, and everything in between.

The Premiere issue of the magazine will be released in July of 2024. It will be unique in its assembly due to having to contain up to date information on a rapidly developing industry and marketplace, requiring us to carry out the work for each publication in a 14 day period before release. Created to compliment the New Energy website, it will act as both a promotional tool to bring in awareness of the website and as a time capsule to be able to look back at particular moments in time.





IY Blue Magazine

IY Blue Magazine, was designed to be primarily based around yachting, and to include articles and features on subjects across a spectrum of interests to create something ultimately readable and entertaining.

Issue 007 of this popular magazine is currently in design and readying for release in June of 2024. The articles we have sourced include an electiric hovercraft in development, a mini Bentley Blower, and the incorporation of the new IY Green Magazine as an integral insert and a pre-release look at this new sister publication.





IY Green Magazine

The partner magazine to IY Blue, and its associated brokerage, IY Green Magazine will be a publication focused purely on renewable energy yachts, and the systems that make them possible, and in some cases revolutionary. Readers of the first issue may be surprised at the scope of yachts already available, and at their capabilities. An exciting magazine for the group as it comes out just after the one year anniversary of their launch of IY Green as a separate entity.

A challenging publication to create initially as it required us to directly contact 124 individual builders worldwide and set up consistent communications about vessels available and in development. A necessary move in a new industry.





Nebula The Magazine

Created from the very beginning to be a business and lifestyle publication focused on black entrepreneurs. The content will include some of the best available in products and services.

Editorials will feature business articles and news, a series of lifestyle articles to include the charter yacht bad Mutha, advertisers offering valued products and services.

The magazine is designed to be inspirational and will include interviews with accomplished individuals across a range of industries and interests, and advisory articles for those with ambition looking for pathways and opportunities.






A completely out of the box project for us, we are currently working with a young group of individuals in a company that is steeped in the music and art scene in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, in Minnesota.

The magazine articles are mostly people, experience and event based and are heavy on imagery and unconventional photography.

A challenge but also an absolute joy to be involved in due to totally unique content being created with editorials on such subjects as events, artist interviews, and a regular feature of recipes created while high.







Greenkrush Magazine was commissioned by a pioneer in the CBD and Marijuana industry, whose interests include a chain of stores selling CBD products and gearing up for each step of legalization in a number of states.

The task we were given for the magazine was to create a publication for a regional area that can be expanded by creating "local" versions for other regions with content based around the latest news within the industry on matters of interest in regard to product, and any legislation pending and enacted, while making the magazine enjoyable to read and relatable to each region.





W Yacht Magazine


W Yacht Magazine was originally planned as a one-off publication for a yacht show, with the intended use of promoting a brand new yachting venture.

Interest in the magazine was so high that the client is now looking at possibly commissioning further issues, and the potential of creating a three or four a year sequence of issues.

W Yacht Magazine is a perfect example of a marketing vehicle that quite easily pays for itself when utilized and promoted correctly, bringing oin co-op advertising and sponsors associated with the company.





Hard Rock Magazine


Hard Rock Magazine is a publication that was designed at the request of the Seminole tribe at their location in Hollywood, Florida. It is designed to be a large print run publication, with distribution throughout their casino and hotel complexes.

In addition to the main magazine there is a Special Commemorative Edition. with an embossed and metallic colour enhanced cover, to be sold bagged as a collectors item in the hotel stores.

Original client specifications called for at least a 200 page publication, with features on all facets of the locations.