POUR MAGAZINE ........ launching September 2020


Now being fast-tracked for a September launch is Pour Magazine, a luxury publication focusing on local wineries, in a wide radius around the Twin Cities area, in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.


The Goals ...


The whole purpose of Pour Magazine is to herald the produce of the area's wineries for the wineries themselves as locations, their wines, and the region as a whole as a producer of quality wines that are improving with each batch.

The magazine itself will be backed up by a frequently updated website, and by a series of outgoing releases and publicity promoting the publication and its contributors.

The Wineries ...


Each winery participating will have access to one full page os advertising space, and a minimum of a two page editorial slot in both the print and digital version of the magazine.

In addition, the package will include the following:


A custom digital version with them featured on the cover

Files for a custom print version

Ten (10) copies of the print version of the original magazine

Assistance with creation of an e-mail blast

An advertising slot on the magazine's website

Listing in the winery directory with direct link to website


In addition to the above we will coordinate directly with each winery to help promote them through their own events and outlets, providing materials for and related to the magazine in any form requested.

Editorials ...


To make the publication readable and more likely to be retained, referred to and passed on, there will be a series of articles that will appeal to a wide swath of readers.

Articles in edition 001 already include:


The 2021 Bentley Bentayga

A yacht charter aboard the Mulder 120, Delta One

The Ulysse Nardin Mega Yacht Watch

The Mi TV LUX transparent television

SaveaFox fox rescue charity

There will also be recurring features on such subjects as luxury real estate and restaurants, and other useful items to attract attention and focus.


This variety of content will ensure Pour Magazine is a popular publication right from the start, attracting a growing number of readers in the area and interested in the area's wines.


Advertisers ...


Advertisers have been sought outside of the wineries themselves, with a stringent view to ensuring they are appropriate and likely of interest to our readers. Advertisers for edition 001 already include:


A local yacht brokerage

A luxury realtor

A wealth advisory company

A restaurant

An event catering company

An advertising agency

A CBD store chain

An Afton Boutique


With each advertiser an agreement for their distribution will be a part of their advertising contract, ensuring their participation in promoting their appearance in the magazine to their clients and lists.


Distribution ...



Distribution of any publication is paramount to its success and its value to advertisers in seeing returns far in excess of their investment. So, we've gone all out to ensure the distribution will far outperform any other publication.

As some examples of initial distribution, here are primary e-mail figures as of now:


IY Blue Yacht Brokerage - 7,183 digital

+1 Life CBD Stores - 11,766 digital

Catering company - 3,182 personal, 863 corporate


Each advertiser and editorial recipient will be asked to also send the publication to their clients and prospect lists, giving them a free to read magazine in the process.


In addition, we will also be acquiring dedicated lists of those interested specifically in wines in the region and creating a dedicated e-mailing program to reach those people.



3290 St. Croix Trail S., Afton, Minnesota 55001

ph: 612.840.1754