Renewable energy, its creation and its use, is of growing interest to people. The New Energy Focus is creating aentral portal that puts the spotlight on the latest methods of energy creation and harvesting, and also the unique and exciting ways it is being utilized in everything from the humble flashlight through to the latest in electric aircraft, and everything in between.

The magazine will be a focal point for the latest information that is insightful, entertaining, and educating with information on the research, technology, and developments of energy and some of the uses in the latest products.

Not all will be technical, in fact the majority of the features - in the magazine and on its partner website - will be on the latest in automobiles, motorcycles, yachts, architecture, and aircraft.


In this, the premiere edition of New Energy Focus we will try and capture an enlightening view across the various products available. We genuinely believe that anyone reading this publication will be surprised at the advances made and the widespread acceptance in various fields with features planned on:

  • The new Rolls-Royce Spectre
  • Electric yachts and boats from 11' to 120'
  • VonMercier's electric hovercraft
  • Newly developed automobiles and motorcycles
  • A look at the world of electric aircraft and eVTOL drones

The first edition of New Energy Focus will be online in July of 2023.