IY Blue Magazine acknowledges that those interested in yachts have other desires outside of their nautical adventures, passions for other pasttimes, an open mind to new ideas.

Because of this we pack each issue with features on numerous, intriguing subjects like travel, automobiles, real estate, aviation, jewelry, food, electronics, furnishings, art, and much more.


The latest edition of IY Blue Magazine will have a section dedicated to IY Green, a yacht sales company 100% focused on renewable energy yachts of all sizes.

There will also be editorials on items such as:

  • the new Wally 200 available for charter in the Caribbean
  • the Rolls-Royce Spectre
  • the latest in eVTOL aircraft
  • the VonMercier electric hovercraft
  • Solar Sal 24 - 100% solar powered boating

This issue of the magazine will be available online in late June of 2023.






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