We provide complete and proven services to clients and associates looking for the best design in the industry, working to provide them with a magazine for print or online publication.


Each publication is custom designed, integrating your brand and your latest news. Alongside this, making it more readable, we can acquire and include editorial content worthy of the magazine and further ensuring strong readership.









W Yacht Magazine was originally planned as a one-off publication for a yacht show, with the intended use of promoting a brand new yachting venture.

Interest in the magazine was so high that the client is now looking at a second issue, and the potential of creating a three or four a year sequence of issues.

W Yacht Magazine is a perfect example of a marketing vehicle that quite easily pays for itself when utilized and promoted correctly.







Hard Rock Magazine is a publication that was designed at the request of the Seminole tribe at their location in Hollywood, Florida.

It is designed to be a large print run publication, with distribution throughout their casino and hotel complexes, and with a Special Commemorative Edition with an embossed and metallic colour enhanced cover, to be sold bagged as a collectors item.

Original client specifications called for at least a 200 page publication, with features on all facets of the locations.







Greenkrush Magazine was commissioned by a pioneer in the CBD and Marijuana industry, whose interests include a chain of stores selling CBD products and gearing up for each step of legalization in a number of states.

The task we were given for the magazine was to create a publication for a regional area that can be expanded by creating "local" versions for other regions with content based around the latest news within the industry on matters of interest in regard to product, and any legislation pending and enacted, while making the magazine enjoyable to read and relatable to each region.







Omnia Magazine is being created specifically for a community with a worldwide presence.

Commissioned epscially by the group, the magazine ie being designed to accompany a networking platform that will accompany the magazine and allow members of the group to interconnect. An unusual project for us, but one we warmed up to quite quickly in spite of the challenges faced by such a distinct readership.

Omnia magazine is in the late design stages now and is ready to be promoted to both its readership base and likely interested advertisers.







Pour Magazine...







Magazines are, by their entertaining nature, quite simply the best way of engaging your audience, allowing you their full attention to tell your story in the most entertaining and absorbing way.

Done correctly, they can realistically end up being profit makers all of their own or at the least greatly reduce the cost of your marketing while increasing its effectiveness.


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